Japanese Language Improver by Skittle Chan


The Japanese language is one of the hardest to master. Fortunately, a game like Skittle Chan can help you improve your skills. This game is a clone of a popular cartoon character. The game is fun and addictive, and you’ll soon learn more words than you thought possible.

Japanese language

The Japanese language improver is written in a clear, easy-to-follow manner, so beginners can practice their pronunciation. It includes over 400 exercises to help you learn how to speak Japanese with ease. In addition, there are several audio tracks that are specifically designed to improve your listening skills.

Purpose of game

In the original manga, skittle-chan was created in a machine called an amachiromaker. He was created by illustrator Gan Cheng natsuki, who also illustrated Gawr Gura. Since he is the clone of skittle, this is almost a given. The character was first seen in the manga Boys vs Girls Sleepover, where he lives with pepper and Beluga. He is later hacked and suffocated by the evil Hecker.