What Is TrustFlow? A Primer


TrustFlow is a metric created by Invesp that measures trust in business. It takes into account four key categories – competence, integrity, respect, and fairness. We’ll explore what the metric means and how you can use it to your advantage in this blog post!

What Is TrustFlow?

TrustFlow is a blockchain-based platform that enables organizations to automate trust management, including identity verification and risk assessment. The platform provides an automated process for securing and managing trust relationships, while also providing a fraud prevention solution. As the first of its kind, TrustFlow offers a unique approach to trust management that can improve the efficiency and security of business transactions.

The TrustFlow Check

TrustFlow is a blockchain-based ecosystem that helps businesses build trust and transparency into their supply chains. The platform helps companies to track and manage materials, products, and services from the origin to the end user. This helps ensure that products are of quality and compliant with applicable regulations.

The TrustFlow Check is a tool that allows businesses to verify their supply chain compliance status. The tool can be used to identify issues such as counterfeit products, illegal wildlife trafficking, and child labor. It provides a reliable way for businesses to check their compliance status in a quick and easy way.

How to Use the TrustFlow Check

If you’re looking for a way to better understand how your business interacts with its customers, then you need to start using TrustFlow. TrustFlow is a trust management platform that helps businesses build and manage trust with their customers.

How TrustFlow Works

TrustFlow helps businesses build and manage trust with their customers by providing a centralized system for tracking customer interactions. This system makes it easy for businesses to see who has interacted with them, what they’ve said, and the results of their interactions.

This information can then be used to improve customer relationships and build trust between businesses and their customers. By using TrustFlow, businesses can avoid misunderstandings and keep their customers happy.


TrustFlow is a new and innovative way for companies to measure their website’s trustworthiness. The TrustFlow algorithm uses data from millions of web pages to determine how trustworthy a website is. Making use of this information can help your business improve its search engine ranking, attract more customers, and reduce the number of negative reviews that may be online about your company or product. So if you’re interested in improving the performance of your website or increasing customer loyalty, TrustFlow could be an effective tool for you.